Meet Sarah from Sept_Septembre one of our trusted sellers (and buyers!)

At Littlest Luxuries we sell pre-loved designer childrenswear bought by parents who love fashion just as much as you do.  Each parent has a story, just like every piece sold on our website. 

Here is a little more about Sarah, a trusted Littlest Luxuries seller.



Sarah is a French mother of three now based in London. She has two daughters and a son and is an interior designer.


What are your favourite brands to shop for your kids and why?

When it comes to buying clothes for myself or the children I like to choose a few timeless, elegant and good quality pieces every year rather than fill in the wardrobes with items that will shrink at the first wash!  My second daughter still loves wearing pretty dresses and flowery prints so I am taking full advantage of it while it lasts.  We both love Bonpoint for just about everything – this will come as no surprise! And Pepa & Co’s smocked dresses, which I am keeping for potential granddaughters as I know they will still be current in 30 years time.  Good knitwear when you live in London is a non-negotiable. We have a jumper from Caramel – their association of prints and colours inspire me season after season – with a cute pheasant design on the front which all three kids have worn on repeat and it still looks brand new.  My son lives in his Breton jumpers from Saint James all year long and then of course Misha and Puff and Soor Ploom for the best quality, beautifully thick merino wool knitwear that will get you compliments at every wear.  And finally a good tip for older girls is Bellerose: their designs are current while being well cut, elegant and of good quality. And importantly mother and daughter approved!



What do you love most about Littlest Luxuries?

I try and buy as many preloved clothes for the children as I can and most of them come from Littlest Luxuries, always my first go to when I need something.  There are three reasons for this:

1: I know the items will be in immaculate condition.

2: Lucy’s selection is spot on with timeless pieces from brands I know and love.

3: Lucy does the best stories on instagram showcasing items by theme or size which I find impossible to resist.  I have lost count of the times I have almost purchased back one of my items when featured on one of Lucy’s stories!


Please share a favourite destination for travelling with your children
We are currently renovating a house in Brittany so I feel that it is the answer I should give!  But if I am being honest my favourite destination to travel with the children so far has been Sri Lanka.  To see them marvel at a country so different to what they are used to was truly magical.  Everyone was extraordinarily kind to us and the level of service is outstanding, something of prime importance when travelling with little ones.  We cannot wait to go back!

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